Chairman: Councillor Thomas Hoof | Clerk: Ralph L Morgan (BA Hons)

Funded by The Parish

The General Power of Competence (GPC) is intended to give local authorities (including parish and town councils) wider powers to deliver more for their communities. The GPC allows a council to do anything that individuals generally may do, except where other aspects of law may forbid them from doing.

Parish and Town Councils have to meet certain criteria to be allowed to use the GPC. These are:

Resolution: The Council must resolve at a meeting that it meets the criteria for eligibility relating to the electoral mandate and relevant training of the Clerk.

Electoral Mandate: at the time the resolution is passed, at least two-thirds of the council must hold office as a result of being declared elected (i.e. not co-opted).

Qualified Clerk: at the time that the resolution is passed, the Clerk must hold a recognised professional qualification (e.g. Certificate in Local Council Administration, Certificate of Higher Education in Local Policy) AND pass the 2012 CiLCA module relating to the general power of competence.

As Donnington and Muxton Parish Council meets these criteria it is able to help groups, organisations, individuals etc deliver more for its community most commonly in the form of grants.

To apply for a grant please complete the grant application form and send it to the Parish Council along with the required supporting documents.