Chairman: Councillor Mrs Lisa Dugmore | Clerk: Ralph L Morgan (BA Hons)

Councillor Responsibilities

Committees Membership

The Chairman, Councillor P Loughlin and Vice-Chairman Mrs L Dugmore are ex-officio members of all Committees except the Staff & Personnel Committee. The Chairman is not an ex-officio member of this Committee to allow for an unbiased redress of grievance should one arise.


Councillors Miss F Doran, M Edwards, J Gough, J Lavery and M Stokes.

Staff and Personnel Committee

Councillors N Dugmore, M Edwards, J Lavery, A Lawrence and R Overton

Library Committee

Councillors Mrs E A Clare, Miss F Doran, N Dugmore and J Thompson.

Representatives on outside bodies/organisations

Wrekin Area Committee – Councillor Miss F Doran

Parish and Town Council Group – Councillor Miss F Doran

Parish Charter Monitoring Group – Councillor Miss F Doran

Shropshire Playing Fields Association – Councillor J Lavery

Telford Sports Forum – Councillor J Lavery

Donnington Partnership – Councillor Mrs L Dugmore, Reserve Councillor N Dugmore

Granville Country Park Steering Group – Councillor N Dugmore

Snow Liaison Officers:

Donnington East – Councillor Miss F Doran

Donnington West – Councillor R Overton

Muxton – Councillor M Stokes

The Humbers – Councillor J Gough

Community Emergency Co-ordinator – Councillor P Loughlin