Chairman: Councillor Thomas Hoof | Clerk: Ralph L Morgan (BA Hons)

What Tier 1 means to Donnington and Muxton

October 22, 2020

Currently Donnington and Muxton are in the Medium Covid Alert Level – Tier 1

> Tier 1 (medium)The “rule of six” applies, meaning socialising in groups larger than six people is prohibited whether indoors or outdoors

> Tradespeople can continue to go into a household for work and are not counted as being part of the six-person limit.

> Businesses and venues can continue to operate but pubs and restaurants must ensure customers only consume food and drink while seated, and close between 10pm and 5am.

> Takeaway food can continue to be sold after 10pm if ordered by phone or online.

> Schools and universities remain open

> Places of worship remain open but people must not mingle in a group of more than six.

> Weddings and funerals can go ahead with restrictions on the number of people who can attend (15 and 30 respectively).

> Exercise classes and organised sport can continue to take place outdoors, and – if the rule of six is followed – indoors.

Although the rate of infection is still lower than the regional and national averages whose numbers also continue to rise rapidly.

We are now at a tipping point and if the virus continues to grow at this rate, it appears inevitable we will see the next tier of restrictions here

Ways you can help…

Please reduce the number of people outside your household that you meet – this will make a big difference in stemming the spread of the virus and protecting those most at risk.

If you have any one of the key Coronavirus symptoms, stay at home, self-isolate and book a test.

If you test positive or are contacted by NHS Test and Trace, you must isolate.

We must all pull together to keep our loved ones and vulnerable members of our communities safe.

Last modified: October 22, 2020