Chairman: Councillor Thomas Hoof | Clerk: Ralph L Morgan (BA Hons)

Roadworks and Preventative Patching in Donnington 2020

June 2, 2020

Telford and Wrekin have provided the Parish Council with an update on Roadworks and Preventative Patching in Donnington this year. Please read below for more details.

We are able to facilitate most of these requests into this year’s programme. This represents a substantial investment into your ward thanks to your representations.

With regard to the surface treatment of Wrekin Drive Carriageway that has been requested previously, we are unable to complete this Financial Year as the specific treatment required (Surface Dressing) cannot be completed due to difficulties maintaining social distancing in this operation. This work will be deferred to 2021/21 and will be delivered May-June. Significant amounts of patching works have been completed over the last 5 years so the site is now safe and ready to be treated with a surface dressing to give a consistent surface which will seal the pavement and improve the aesthetic of the road.

I am pleased to confirm that further to your requests, the works to treat the footpaths on Wrekin drive can continue, a plan is attached showing the sections which are due to be treated. This is 120m2 of patching and 2,300m2 of surface treatment.

You will also be aware that a section of footpath resurfacing has been recently completed on School Road at your request which was funded by an underspend on the School Road Pride in Your Community Drainage Project. This was completed in March in advance of surface treatments due later this year.

New Preventative Approach to Pothole Repairs

Further to the Capital programme we have developed a New Preventative Approach to Pothole Repairs

Our Highways Team and Balfour Beatty have been trialling a new, ‘right first time’ preventative patching approach in your area and I wanted to let you know that these works are ongoing and share some pictures of completed works. This new approach has been championed by Shaun and Richard who put your area forward for the work again after taking on board your views. It aims to address larger areas of road or footpath in one visit with the aim of rectifying existing safety defects as well as including areas where further defects could form in the future which would not usually meet the threshold for repair as a safety defect. This approach reduces the need for repeat visits by reactive teams, is more cost effective but also takes longer to plan and action repairs.


1. A video survey of the network was completed in 2019.

2. The data is then processed into a map based system which categorises defects.

3. Poor and Very Poor condition locations are then inspected by an officer and larger areas are identified for patching with the aim of making sufficient repairs so that no repeat visits are required in the next 5 years.

4. Patching works are then delivered by a specialist sub-contractor (Multevo) via the Balfour Beatty Term Service Contract.

5. Each section of road is excavated using a special Multihog machine and the road is repaired with tarmac from a hot box on site – this gives a better finish and more long lasting repair.

This approach is an additional service being delivered in Stronger Community areas from March to June.

We will still be using traditional reactive repair methods such as temporary repairs and small patch repairs to make safe urgent defects on the network in line with our highways inspection policy. Traditional reactive repairs are still needed as they can be carried out quickly and are very focused on individual safety defects and keep our roads and footpaths safe, but this type of repair will not usually address other less dangerous defects in the vicinity. The result of this approach is often repeated visits to the same area and repairs which do not have longevity.

Last modified: June 2, 2020