Chairman: Councillor Thomas Hoof | Clerk: Ralph L Morgan (BA Hons)

Carers Priority Pass for informal carers

April 7, 2020

Due to the current restrictions on movement, as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, Telford and Wrekin Council are able to provide carers with a CARERS PRIORITY PASS to show police if they are stopped while out on essential visits.

The Carers Priority Pass is available for all informal carers in case they are questioned by officers. The pass, which identifies the carrier is carrying out an essential visit, is for registered adult and young carers with the Carers Centre.

If you are registered as a family carer or wish to be assessed for your eligibility as a carer, you can contact the ALL AGE CARERS CENTRE on 01952 240209.

If you are not registered but need to carry out essential visits to someone you care for, you can request a pass from FAMILY CONNECT by phone on 01952 385385.

Councillor Andy Burford, cabinet member for Health and Social Care says: “The cards have been issued so that carers carrying out essential work can show them to police if necessary. Carers must continue to follow government advice regarding the measures they need to take to keep them and your family safe at this time. They should only be used while on essential visits”.

Last modified: April 7, 2020